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The Next Gen Apple Tablet

There is a lot of speculation on what is Apple’s next tablet like, what features will it have, how will it be priced and of course how soon will it be released.

Rumors have it that the next version of the ipad will be a smaller one with a display screen of 8-inch or so, compared to the current 9.7-inch ipad. While the resolution will remain the same as the current version of 1026 x 786, the pixel density will be greater to accommodate the 8-inch display.

iPad Tablet

With a lot of people right from children to seniors, eagerly waiting for Apple the tablet conqueror, to release its next tech genius are wondering what its price will be. News from some reliable sources indicate that this mini version will come for a price as low as $299, compared to the current version priced at $499.

Last year even though Apple remained number one, it lost a good share of buyers to Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindle fire as they had a size and price advantage over Apple’s ipad, perhaps the only advantage. Amazon’s Kindle, in just four months time had gained enough popularity to build for itself a good buyer database. If rumors of the mini ipad turn out true, Apple is hoped to conquer the market by a vast margin. After all, who would mind putting a whole bundle of technology in their purse for a comparatively lesser price?

What is supposedly more to this mini ipad is the Retina display, a more powerful processor, more sophisticated front and rear cameras and a new dock connector, specifics compared to the current ipad 2.The rumour of the iPad 3 having a Retina Display comes from a lot of different sources including ZDnet, iFixit etc.

This new version with better features, and a competitive price will undoubtedly persuade the eReader market to make a choice shift, even though eReaders are a different segment than the tablets.The eReader players like Kindle, Nook etc. may have to look at lowering their prices further to retain their market share and perhaps even redesign to upgrade their current versions, to secure their positions in the market.

Even though there are speculations of the Apple mini coming to the market soon, the big question still remains whether will Apple release a mini or not and the reason to this is Steve Jobs’s very comment in October 2010. He was actually heard passing a joke on the small sized tablets saying that the sellers of such tablets should include a sand paper for their users to file their fingers inorder to effectively use the miniscule screens.

This is not the first time rumors of a smaller and cheaper Apple product have been heard. A mini iPhone for example was rumored to have released some time ago, but of course nothing like it has been seen in the market yet.

The Wall Street Journal has its news affirming about Apple suppliers mentioning that Apple is contemplating on building a smaller yet reasonable display screen along with its partners likeSouth Korean LG Display and Sharp etc.

What is going to be Apple’s next launch in the tablet segment will be known soon. Whether the speculations are going to take an actual shape or will be doused in time, will be ascertained on March 7th, 2012 which is suppose to be the next Apple event date.