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The Features Of A SEO Tool That You Have To Consider

If you are looking for a free SEO tool, you should be aware of the most important features that you should consider in such tool.

Features Of A SEO Tool

Basis features of a SEO tool

Scores for SEO audit: you should not rely on the beginner level software; you should get a SEO audit score for your website that will measure the health of you SEO page and the entire program. You have to make sure that the vendor and the platform you are using will provide correct score for you SEO audit.

International ability: “The tool should support international search engines even these which are not based in US. The tool has to be scalable,” says Mr. Aaron, who owns a New York SEO company. It is important to be transparent when it comes to how you plan, execute or track the website. This is where some tools may fall short such as in tracking, execution and centralized planning.

Talk to the client referrals: you should talk to the clients of the vendor since some tool may look as if they may be working well but they may end up breaking down in the real life. The custom dashboard ability may have robust configuration screen. You can avoid the platform that has multiple step process while setting up the dashboard. You can look for platform that can be configured easily by the use of dragging and dropping ability.

Beyond reporting: the SEO tool should offer the reporting solution and ability of auditing the pages while making the best recommendation which may have to be adequate. The report to get should include link analysis, competitive comparison, rank checking and page audits. If you focus on weekly reporting alone, it is not going to be enough.

Extra features to consider in a SEO tool

Execution of the SEO: ability you have to execute the SEO strategy include social, local and mobile website. This may be the most single or important features which you are going to need. You should have the platform that can help you in executing the complete cycle of SEO life. The social, local and mobile are now the most important part of any SEO life.

The tool should offer opportunity and vision ranking. You need to be aligned with the industry future. The forecasting has to include the feasibility about how difficulty or easy that you can achieve the ranking for the top terms. However, you have to know that generalizing the CTR may overstate the opportunity and it can present the best concept while it can be impractical in the reality.

You should also check if the tool can help you with the keyword discovery for mapping of the landing page. If you learn about competitive terms but you are not able to monitor or to track the social input or the mapping of the keywords, it is going to leave the page hanging. Other features to consider are analysis of the page level competition and tracking of the changes.

Pet Rescue Saga for PC – (Windows 7/8) Free Download

Today we are about to share a tutorial of how to download and install Pet Rescue Saga for PC absolutely free. ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ is very popular and millions users have already enjoyed playing it apart from playing strategy and racing games. The game is all about solving puzzles and rescuing our favorite pets caught and kept captive in the cages. The game ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ was first launched for the iOS users but seeing the android game crazy fans it was later launched for android platform.

Pet Rescue Saga Games

But now to take it to the next level of popularity now the developers have made it possible for all the pet lovers to enjoy this game on their PC (Windows and Mac Computers) absolutely free with same features and excitement to gain bigger screen experience. Any android user can download this game for free from any app store such as Google Play store.

About the game – Pet Rescue Saga for PC

‘Pet Rescue Saga for PC’ is really one of the best puzzle games and is the best option to choose for all the animal lovers. The game is best inspiration source for all the pet lovers and gives them a chance to rescue all their loved pets. It is somewhat similar to candy crush sage game. You can follow the guide to install candy crush saga on Windows PC. There are different difficulty levels that keep on increasing as the user passes through the different stages or levels of the game.

Features of Pet Rescue Saga

• As you pass each and every stage, additional bonuses will be added as rewards.
• Difficulty level gets increased as the user passes the stages ahead.
• The game is absolutely free to download and play but to enjoy some additional features of this game you need to pay a little amount and buy it additionally.
• To prove yourself smarter and quick you simply need to consider this exciting puzzle game as a challenge for you.

Basic Requirements and Pre-Requisites

• At least one android emulator to be installed on PC such as – Andyroid or Bluestacks.
• A very good graphic card in your laptop or a PC.
• Minimum 2 GB ram in your system
• Minimum 500 GB disk space in your hard drive.

How to download game for free on your PC- Pet Rescue Saga

We are now getting into the final phase of this post that is to know the guide of how to install ‘Pet Rescue Saga for PC’ for free and with quick installation. Simply you follow these basic steps I share with you here below.
Note: Don’t forget to update your system with the latest versions of the requirements for the game as mentioned earlier in this post.

• Firstly download ‘Andyroid’ emulator that is the basic requirement to enjoy this game on your Windows PC as the game is not yet launched officially.
• Download & install it for free from here or visit its official site.
• Open ‘Andyroid’ emulator and search ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ in the App Playstore.
• After finding it, simply download and install the game.
• Now enjoy the game ‘Pet Rescue Saga For PC’.

That’s pretty much all. Now, you can enjoy pet rescue saga game on PC seamlessly. Even, you can check teen patti game which is equally entertaining. Drop your comments about the game in the below section.

Apple New iPad 3 Vs Amazon Kindle Fire

Both Apple iPad 3 and Amazon Kindle Fire are two wonderful tablets and the comparison between them clearly signifies which one is the best and if not it helps to understand the computing needs of people. Even though they are from different planets their aim is to meet the expectations of people in terms of technology and innovation. Arguably Apple iPad 3 is the best smart phone available in the mobile market and comparatively Amazon Kindle Fire is cheap with a set of applications. If you are a budget conscious buyer then Kindle Fire is the best one for you.


Apple iPad 3 is studded with latest features and specifications and its detailed explanation shows Kindle Fire is overpowered by iPad 3 to some extent but when it comes to the sales interestingly Kindle Fire is the most sold tablet only next to iPad 3. With the help of its latest applications Amazon is the reigning android smart phone out there in the market. When Amazon Kindle Fire was first introduced to the market, it’s almost like a bombshell dropped to the market because it was quoted at unimaginable price of $199 which is far less than its counter part iPad 3. Both the tablets come with different form factor and size.

When you talk about display, everyone clearly understands who the real winner is. Apple iPad 3 boasts of 9.7 inch retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536 against 7 inch display of Kindle Fire with a resolution of 1024×600. Both the smart phones make use of different operating systems. Ipad 3 uses iOS 5.1(updated from its previous version) whereas Kindle Fire makes use of Android 2.3 Gingerbread (you can upgrade it’s Android version by rooting).

The Android market that is enabled with Fire supports many incredible applications like content streaming and eReading. It also supports services of on-demand video like Pandora, Hulu and Netflix. When it comes to the online streaming, Kindle fire is the best because of its vast expansion and distribution abilities.


The dimensions of iPad 3 measures 9.50 x7.31 x 0.37 and weigh about 652 g. On the other hand Kindle fire is measured at 7.48 x 4.72 x 0.45 and weighs about 413g. On the right side of iPad you can also see volume control facility.


Apple iPad 3 is powered by Dual core Apple A5X processor and 1024 MB RAM whereas Amazon kindle is powered by Dual core T1 OMAP4 1000 MHz processor and 512 MB RAM. The built-in storage of Kindle Fire is 8000MB whereas that of iPad 3 is 64000MB.


Amazon Kindle fire supports different formats like MIDI, OGG, MP3, MP4 and WAV whereas iPad3 supports M4A, WAV, eAAC, eAAC+, AAC and MP3. IPad also supports YouTube player.


IPad 3 supports 802.11 g, n, b Wi-Fi connectivity whereas Amazon Kindle 7 supports 802.11 b, g, and n. Both support USB 2.0 connectivity.

Other phone features:

Calendar, document viewer, alarm and calculator are some of the organizers supported by iPad3 whereas Kindle fire supports only document viewer and calendar. POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and SMTP are some of the E-mail options you can see in both the smart phones. Instant messaging is also possible.

Both the tablets are made available in black and white colors and are protected by scratch resistant glass. Li-Polymer is the battery used.

On an average Apple iPad 3 is rated 9 out of 10 whereas Amazon Kindle Fire is rated 7.5 out of 10.


If you look at the average user rating of both the smart phones in terms of features and support of technology, Apple iPad 3 is a real winner and continuous to woo its customers.

More And More People Rely On HostGator Over Others!

So, why should someone opt for HostGator over various other web hosting service! If you are still pondering with this thought then it is best you bury it in the hatchet because once you go through the features and the excellent support they provide you will ask yourself that why you took so long in deciding! Users who have been using other web hosting services are actually wasting their money for nothing. If you are one of those users who thought that the web hosting service that charges more money will be the better one then you are absolutely wrong. As the cost has nothing to do with providing better services.


HostGator has been consistently providing its users with quality services at a cheaper price. Many say that HostGator is able to achieve this feat mainly because they have a huge customer base and their servers are located at different places. Therefore, if one of them goes wrong due to some outage or something, then other servers which are available in different places will take over the load and continue providing support. In the meanwhile the server is taken care of so that the users can get back to work in full throttle. The price that HostGator offers is already lower, but if you want to lower it even more then HostGator promo code will be the perfect choice for you.

Different Services Provided

If you want to compare HostGator with its competitor then you will see that not much difference is there. In fact the main and primary difference is the price and then the up time and this is what sets HostGator different from the other web hosting services. Even the use of cPanel is simplified here in HostGator so that the users can manage their account successfully. But the other web hosting service providers don’t seem to bother much about cPanel and has kept it complicated, which means in order to understand how the cPanel works you will need a tutorial but that is not the case with HostGator. The priority for HostGator is their users, so they have come up with cPanel which is not that complex to operate. Moreover the speed is quite good too as you will not find any customer of the HostGator crib about the speed that is on the offering even on shared web hosting.

Enjoying the Services of the Web Hosting Service

If you have any question in your mind, then you can brush that aside because HostGator is one name which offers excellent service. Otherwise, how you will explain users with more than one domain on the same account! If the service wasn’t that good, then how do you expect people to add on more domains, they would have shifted to another web hosting service! The HostGator coupon code domain free has been designed to help the users to avail their suitable plan within their budget. Even when the price is already low but then also some more discounts won’t hurt.