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7 Top Tips To Reduce The Size Of An APK File

People are mostly using Android Smartphone.You can easily install the app from play store and also you can download apk for free from the websites to your Smartphone.The size of the app plays the main role on your smartphone.If the app size is huge, it may reduce the performance of the smartphone.Here some tips to reduce the size of the app for your Android Smartphone.

7 Top Tips To Reduce the Size Of An APK File

1.Apk Split

The split mechanism allows building a single APK to support very large APK files such as Multiple ABIs.ABI is abbreviated as Application Binary Interfaces.This is one of the methods to reduce the size of the APK files on your Smartphone.Multiple ABI files contain for specific screen densities on the smartphone.

2.9-Patch Images

9-Patch is a graphical bitmap, which will automatically resize the contents and will place it in the background of the application.These images are specially used for designing the buttons on your device.It has nine segments such as four corner, four edges and the center.

3.Reduce The Size Of.JPEG Images

JPEG images can reduce the file size without losing the quality of the images.To does this work you need some tools like Paint.Net, and you can ensure that the quality of the picture is excellent and does not find any difference in the image.

4.Debug Information

Debug Information is the waste of space and would be removed.Because the application which is related to debugging does not use any data and the Android Operating System do not run the debug application.So you can remove the debug functionalities from your device with this app.

5.Lint Usage Extensively

Static code analyzer helps to detect the unused resources in the smartphone. Lint generates an HTML report by making a simple call to ./gradlew lint and gives to the exhaustive list of the resources under “Unused Resources.” It is safe to remove the resources and do not have any code of reflection on your Android Smartphone.

6.Reuse The Application

If you reuse the application, it improves the performance of the Android Smartphone and also reduces the size of the application.In a RecyclerView, reuse helps you keeps a smooth performance which reuse the free apks.You can also prevent the package resource only rotated equivalent to another resource.

7.Media Files

If you are an Android user and like to reduce the size of the images, audios, and videos you can use some of the .apk files.Images like .png and .jpeg format use less memory space.The standard WAV format is used for decoding the audio streams with high latency.The Sound Pool APIs used to compress the audio streams on your Smartphone.Encode the videos in the format of H264 AVC to a target device.
There are so many apk files to reduce the size of the application and with this, you increase the performance of your Android Smartphone.

Best 5 Best Cards In Clash Royale

Particularly for New Players, it’s great to have an Idea over Which Cards in Clash Royale Are Considered the Best, So That You Can Know Which Cards to Request from Your Clan. Additionally, You Will Often Have Several Cards Ready To Be Upgraded, But Not Enough Gold To Upgrade All Of Them. At that point, it’s Nice To Know Which Cards You Should Focus On.

baby dragon clash royale

I Base This Ranking On Which Cards I Believe You Will Have The Most Use For As You Move Up Through The Clash Royale Arenas in clash royale android apk. I Don’t Have The Legendary Cards Yet, So They Are Not Included In The List. I Will Start The With The Honorable Mentions And Go Up The List.

These Cards Are Good And Quite Popular In The Game, But Did Not Make The Top 5 List. It would be ideal if you Suggest Other Cards You Like That I Should Add Here, Or If You Believe Any Of Them Deserve To Be In The Top 5. The Honorable Mentions Are In Random Order.

  • Baby Dragon
  • Barbarians
  • Spear Goblins
  • Tesla
  • Hog Rider

Baby Dragon

I have a Baby Dragon in the greater part of my decks, and I’m so glad I at long last got this card to level 3 just as of late. The Baby Dragon is difficult to murder and there are no different cards that can counter it well, so it’s a sheltered card to open the game with.


Barbarians are awesome esteem and the card is utilized as a part of practically every Clash Royale deck. Notwithstanding when there are air troops moving toward your tower, you can utilize the Barbarians to drench up harm while your tower takes them out.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins fit well in many decks and will give you extraordinary esteem. Since they just cost 2 elixirs, there is no real way to execute them with spells and an elixir advantage.


Tesla is not a card that will fit into the deck, similar to my main 3 cards do, yet the greater part of my best decks have Tesla in them. Setting the Tesla amidst the zone before your towers empower it to shoot at and divert troops originating from both paths.

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is my most loved tower executing card in Clash Royale. There are recently such a large number of points of interest to utilizing the Hog Rider rather than the other tower executing troops like the Prince, Balloon, and so on. The Hog Rider shabby at just 4 elixirs, while despite everything it has a great deal of HP and does a huge amount of harm.