Common Link Building Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

Link building is a technique every webmaster should consider while doing SEO for website. It is more difficult for the beginners to do Link Building without a clear knowledge. mostly link building services will do it perfectly So it is the best option to approach SEO service providers to build links for your websites. But if you have decided to build links for your website by yourself then try to avoid some common link building mistakes that are listed below.

Link building services

Stop To Buy Links:

If you are purchasing links for your website, it might be good to stop buying links for your website before starting the Link building. When you buy links your provider will generate both niche targeted and general links (not related to your niche) towards your website. But for SEO it is good to build niche related links, search engines don’t like the website with general links (not related to your niche). Search engines will ban the websites with more spam links from the search Engines Results Page. So avoid buying links for your websites.

Limit Exact Anchor Text Usage:

Using more exact anchor texts to build links also do harm to your website. Search Engines don’t like more links with Anchor text and exact anchor text. Make your links look like natural for Search engines.

Avoiding LSI Keywords:

When comes to link building LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords) holds a special place. LSI keywords are mostly used to convince search engines and it can increase the website ranking organically. So use LSI keywords naturally as much as you can. If you find any difficulties in finding LSI keywords then make use of seo services bangalore. So never ever avoid LSI keywords while building links.

Duplication In Social Medias:

Social Media platforms are the best way to get more website traffic. All webmasters should focus on social media links to experience the total advantage of link building. Using social media platforms you can showcase your business globally among various people. So make sure that you are sharing unique links in social Medias. This will not irritate the user while surfing on your site if suppose it has any repetitions that will drive your visitors out.

These are the most commonly made mistakes when people start building links for their websites without a complete knowledge about it. The above mistakes will not give you credits and also they will destroy the traffic of your site.